Chi Delta Beta Inc. was established upon three main principles to which the foundation of our ideals come from.

The First principle is Education which we uphold dearly as our number one objective. There is nothing greater than having students receive their Education while their time in college. Every member in the fraternity (during the active period) has to undergo study hours, and tutoring hours every single week - depending on there academic standing (GPA).

Our Second principle that we look up to is Brotherhood. There is nothing greater than a bond stronger than a brother and that is what we are all about. We pride ourselves in being able to strengthen our friendships into a brotherhood like no other. Friends come and go but brothers are there to stay!

Lastly, the principle that truly defines Chi Delta Beta is the Diversity we have. We all come from different backgrounds, cultures, religions, and different parts of the world. Even though we all are different we come together to be as one.

Est: December 13, 1997

Pillars: Brotherhood, Education, Diversity

Colors: Burgundy, Gold, White